Useful for More Than Just 911: Your Phone In An Emergency Could Save a Life

By | July 20, 2018

Nearly everyone has a smartphone in the hand today. Although they are capable of making phone calls, many people rarely use them for that purpose. Smartphones can be useful for finding information, getting directions and connecting to social media. They can also be invaluable in an emergency. A phone can do a lot more than connect someone in trouble to emergency responders. It’s More Than Just 911: Your Phone In An Emergency can be very useful.


Internet-enabled smartphones can not only help a driver get from one place to another, they can also help police or paramedics find them if they’re in trouble. When a driver crashes and doesn’t know where they are, 911 operators may be able to find them through their device. This can help emergency responders get to a crash victim in a hurry, even when they don’t know exactly where they are.

Emergency Contacts

By seting up an ICE list in their phone, police or health care professionals can get in touch with the people an accident victim designates. Sometimes people are unconscious following an accident and if they aren’t in their own vehicle, emergency responders might not know who to call. An emergency contact list can help doctors identify the patient, get access to their medical history and let loved ones know they’ve been hurt.


Some emergencies don’t result in a person being hurt. Crime victims may be able to help police arrest the suspect and prove the case in court. A camera could be used to take a picture of the criminal and if that can’t be done safely, they may be able to snap a picture of the perpetrator’s vehicle before they drive away.

With this technology available at affordable prices, everyone should have a smartphone. Teens who drive alone as well as seniors who might get confused while they are on the road should always have access to a smartphone. This small device could help save a person’s life if they are in trouble. After they’ve been rescued, that phone might help get an unconscious victim in contact with the people who care about them.

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