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By | June 19, 2018

How to Choose the Right Tags for Pets

In spite of pets having a sense of direction due to the innate sense of smelling which enables them trace their way back home after getting out, some because of being raised in an environment that is not familiar can end up losing their way back home. Identification tags are small flat tags that are worn on the collars and some other times harnesses pets as recommended by the humanitarian pet societies. Dogs therefore wear the tags onto which information about the owner is labelled to trace their homes once they go astray. The tags are made from vast material types ranging from metals to plastics with all of them possessing pros and cons.

When you are selecting the perfect tag for your pet, you need to ensure that you select one that is simple enough. A bright color may be the best option on many instances since it can be easily spotted unlike a dark color that may blend with your dog’s fur. Despite wanting most of your information on the tag, remember the few the wordings on your tag the larger they appear and will be read easily when found. A good number of people will call the number in the tag as opposed to the ones who will bring the pet to your house, however if an individual feels the pet can go astray then physical contact info can as well be indicated in the tag in a smaller font size. No matter the information you think is important to include, just ensure that the font you select is visible.

Choose a tag of manageable weight not to heavy or too small. Weight is mostly determined by the material used in tags’ manufacturing. Metal tags commonly used are made of brass, stainless steel and aluminum. Those made of stainless steel are durable since they do not wear and tear in spite of usage for many years. As contrasting to brass, aluminium is able to withstand water without fading. They come in different colors and are a bit much costly. Plastic tags are lighter and are decorated with ease but they are not long lasting.

Tags should be directly proportion to the size, shape and weight of a dog which can allow it to move with ease. The right dimensions of tags is advisable for pets so that they fit precisely to avoid distractions and make the pet uncomfortable. As puppies grow from small, medium to large dogs, they definitely larger tags progressively. Pet tags holder thus become crucial for comfort ability. Tags that are inch less are preferable for small pets while those that more than inch fit for large to medium size.

For individual who like pimping their pets for instance using bling pet identification tags, the tags can be enhanced using shimmering stones likes rhinestone and crystals. Nevertheless, with all the beauty but still loosely fixed can chock pets in attempt of swallowing. Laser etching can harbor a lot of information including artwork.

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